Things to consider: a wedding checklist

This should be your first decision. Having a wedding outside can be amazing or a disaster. Remember to chose a place that offers you both in case Mother Nature changes her mind.

Traditional I Do, vows repeated or hand written, or combine them.

Do you want a prayer or anything religious/denominational mentioned in the ceremony?

Religious, romantic, sentimental, spiritual or patriotic.

Candles/Sand/Rock/Roses, Wine Vessel
Tapers to light one unity candle or unity sand (two small jars of colored sand to one larger jar), Rocks ceremony or Rose ceremony. Jars can be any shape. American Indian Wine Vessel.

Soloist, band, guitarist, violinist or DJ

Formal or Informal Dress
From gown and tux to jeans and t-shirt, the choices are endless!

Number of Guests
Determined by the location of the ceremony and reception. You don’t have to even have guests, you can have your best friends or no one but the three of us and make it an special moment made for just you.

Best man, maid or matron of honor, ring bearer, flower girl (ring dog/flower dog).

Name of Bride and Groom:

Phone Numbers For Contact:

E-mail Address: 
What's your wedding date?  
What time of day?   AM/PM 
Where is the wedding being held? 

Indoor or outdoor wedding?

Do you need a rehersal?
Would you like to add something different to your ceremony with a reading, candle, sand, stones, roses, wine, rocks or salt?

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