That's the question I am asked the most. It was because of my father,

Charles H. Rice.

When I was very little I can remember couples coming to our home to get married in our living room by the fireplace. They would be all dressed up.My dad would be in a suit, my mom in a dress. My sister, brother and I would sit on the wooden staircase leading up to our bedrooms peering out from between the banisters while the ceremony took place, we could only watch if we promised to be quiet.
I was amazed that my gruff, rough-speaking dad could so calmly and eloquently perform something so heartwarming for two people, by uniting them in marriage. I knew as a child that I wanted to do the same thing someday. It’s now been over 29 years that I’ve been marrying couples and I love it as much today as I did back then.

I believe in the unity of marriage and the strength that couples can possess when the friendship, love and commitment are there between them. When you truly know you have found the one person who compliments you and your life, you know you can weather most of what life is going to throw your way down the road.

All of the couples I have united have been "UNIQUE." Each wedding should be tailored to exactly what you desire on that special day. After all, it is your day. Let your heart and your free spirit be your guide and I’ll help you along the way to incorporate the vows, rings, readings or lighting of the unity candles to make your wedding day one that will be remembered for years to come.
I wish you both years of laughter and great conversation.
 Best Wishes, Darlene
Why I became a Justice of the Peace
My husband and best friend Dean!

Darlene M. Rice
Justice of the Peace
State of Connecticut